Mr. Esquivel is a graduate from Southern Methodist University Law School and holds a Masters in International Business Law from the prestigious University of London.  He built multiple multi-million dollar firms from the ground up. After retiring for almost two years to spend time with his young child, Mr. Esquivel decided he needed to get back into the business world. One day he was being given a presentation on Mortgage Insurance for his family.  He realized quickly how much of a no-brainer it was for him to invest in the insurance. It hit him that he would love to re-enter the business world and provide such a highly needed service to the market place. He also realized with Symmetry Financial Services he could build another multi-million dollar entity and decided to dedicate himself into bringing on young hungry Insurance professionals who need a better shot at success which can easily be found in the Symmetry System. He too decided he would try and find more individual like him that were looking for a second career or life after retirement. 

He dedicates most of his actual sales efforts at the Seniors market and underrepresented minority markets that are often ignored or suffer of being taken advantage. His goal is to educate the Seniors and minority homeowners regarding the many options they may have to secure their families future, plan for the later years or simply find peace of mind. He has had a very fortunate life and finds these endeavors rewarding as a means to “pass it one”.  

Joining Mr. Esquivel and the Team that support him as up-lines makes you part of the mission. Our group wants those who serve with us to maintain a true sense of purpose and professionalism dedicated to helping our clients. “One Team” is often a metaphor used in sports, however “One Team” is a frame of mind Mr. Esquivel wants everyone who joins our team to foster.  If you have a phone, you have Mr. Esquivel in your hand, use him!